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We have listed a number of questions on Orca air to water heating systems frequently asked by our customers here, if you have a question that is not answered below, please pop over to our contact page and email us a question. We’ll respond to you and also add it here on the site.

Feel free to give us a call on 086 8517 555 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Q1. Will the heat pump retrofit into a standard hot-press?

Yes, the Orca air to water heat pump will fit into almost every hot-press with little more than small pipework adjustments to be made.

Q2. Can I fit the heat pump with solid fuel stove?

      Yes, the Orca heat pump has got a secondary gravity coil suitable for solid fuel.

Q.3 Would I not be better fitting one electric shower?

     No, To fit an electric shower is defeating the purpose of the Orca air to water heat pump.

     Electric showers consume enormous amounts of electricity, our range of air to water heat pumps provide constant hot water.

Q4. Do I need to connect the heat pump to my oil?

     It can be connected to oil but at a fraction of the cost of oil.

Q5. If I come home from work and no heating on all day will I have hot water?

     The hot water is constant day and night for showers and at hot taps.

Q6. Do I need to fit a booster pump for showers?

     In most cases, the water mains are adequate to run every house direct so the booster pump is not required

     leading to considerable savings on initial purchase cost and running it.

Q7. Can I use hot water to boil my kettle?

      If the Orca heat pump is connected directly to the mains water then yes the hot water is fresh water and by using it 

      the kettle can be boiled reducing the time and electricity required.

Q8. Without having to run electric shower, immersion heater and oil how much can I save per year?

     The Orca air to water heating system will save between €1200 to €1400 per year on average family of four.


   The cost of installing a heat pump in your business premises or home will depend on your requirements.

   You can read more here about the costs and savings when you install a heat pump system in your home or business premises.


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