Aluminium Radiators Ireland

Outstanding efficiency for heating your home

aluminium radiators Ireland

Aluminium radiators, the most efficient radiators for home heating systems, are designed using multiple stages of treatment before the final coating is added. This ensures that both the internal and external surfaces are resistant to corrosion as a result of water damage and environmental effects. They also undergo aesthetic and technological controls to ensure that they comply with all rules and regulations. They also work perfectly with heat pumps.

Our Aklimat aluminium radiators come with a 15-year warranty and quality guarantee.

Aklimat Aluminium Radiators

Aklimat aluminium radiators take advantage of the exceptional thermal features of aluminium and resistance to oxidation to provide your home with excellent heat for your home.

The various ways of connection enable aluminium radiators to produce outstanding efficiency and to remain aesthetic features in living quarters.

Why Choose Aklimat  Radiators?

In 35 years of Aklimat aluminium radiator production, an M-type radiator has been developed, which is distinguished by its excellent qualities of heating and a fast adjustment to room conditions. A tradition and long-term experience in production assure a high-quality product and therefore we offer a 15-year guarantee.

What are the Benefits?

  • Responsiveness: Aluminium is highly conductive, which means that it responds instantly to changes in moisture temperature. This is then controlled by the radiator’s thermostat to appropriately regulate room temperature.
  • Efficiency: Central heating can be timed so that an empty house is never heated and to ensure that your home is satisfactory upon your arrival.
  • Cost Reduction: In addition to reducing costs by controlling heat, aluminium radiators also generate higher outputs and therefore allow for a significant reduction in energy costs in comparison to steel radiators.
  • Space Saving: Aluminium radiators tend to be 30% smaller in design to conventional radiators and provide the same output. Sections can be added and removed as required to save space. See the diagram below of how a smaller radiator provides the same output as a steel radiator.


aluminium radiators ireland

aluminium radiators installation

Available in a Variety of Colours

The radiators are varnished in a standard white RAL 9016 colour, but other colours from the RAL colour chart are also available upon request. If you would like to request a colour chart or if you would like more information on Alkimat aluminium radiators, you can contact us now by filling in the contact form above.

Connecting a Central Heating System

The installation process is simple. Aluminium radiators can be connected to traditional central heating systems using the side connection together with the lower left or right connection. MV-variation, that is a connection with an inbuilt valve and the lower right or lower left connection is also possible. Radiators can be installed and connected in new builds and retrofitted in existing homes. Click for here for more information on central heating systems. 

We supply and install nationwide

Sweeney Renewables supply and install aluminium radiators throughout Donegal and Ireland including:

  • Dublin
  • Kildare
  • Sligo
  • Mayo
  • Galway
  • Cork
  • Kerry
  • Waterford

Contact us for enquiries on aluminium radiators 

Contact us now on 0868517555 for further information on aluminium radiators for your home. Alternatively, fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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