What is a Wood Pellet Boiler?

A pellet boiler is an efficient and environmentally friendly source of heating which uses heating fuel in the form of compressed biomass.

Wood pellets are used to heat the boiler and are generally made from compacted sawdust or recylable materials.

Coolwex pellet stoves

What are the Benefits?

  • Reduced heating bills.
  • High energy efficiency and control.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Protection against ever-changing energy costs.
  • Superior Building Energy Rating (BER).
  • Minimum smoke spread around the home, as the flame is compacted inside a heat box.
  • Pellets create less ash residue than wood or coal.
  • Less creosote is spread, which is a flamable byproduct known to cause chimney fires.
  • Wood pellets are dry and made from recyclable materials, which creates more heat.
  • Environmentally friendly as polution is lessened. 

How Does It Work?

1. Wood pellets are pumped into a bulk pellet store.

2. The internal vacuum feed system transfers the pellets automatically to the boiler through the feed hose.

3. The pellets light and burn in small amounts when the time clock or thermostat in the house requests heat.

4. The boiler’s heat exchanger transfers heat from the burning grate to your central heating system.

5. The heat exchanger self-cleans every day to keep it running at high efficiency.

6. When rooms reach their required temperature, the boiler output is reduced and the system shuts down until heat is required again. 

Wood Pellet Boiler Compatability

Wood pellet heating systems are fully compatible with water heating, radiators and underfloor heating.

Coolwex Orca wood pellet stoves

We supply Coolwex Orca pellet stoves which are available in 3 different colours including black, red and beige. Click on the image below to download a free brochure for more information.

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