Reduce your domestic water heating costs

Are you looking to save costs on your heating bills? Our Orca system is proven to reduce costs by 70% for domestic houses.

Customer testimonial

We built our house in 2010 and after a lot of research and advice from Frankie we opted to install the Orca system. As a result we have a system that provides us with a constant supply of hot water all year round at very little cost (No electric showers or emmersion in the house and Frankie installed a metre to prove how little this costs to run per day). In addition it is connected to the multi fuel stove which provides the system with a boost if necessary. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and can safely say it is one of the best buys in our house”.

Milford, Co. Donegal
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Coolwex Sanitary water systems for Irish homes

Why is COOLWEX a perfect choice?

  • Independent water heating throughout the year

    Orca Heat pumps are of of a few, currently on the market that independently heat water throughout the year. Many other heat pumps stop working at 7°C. Orca heat pumps will independently operate at -7°C or even as low as -15°C with the help of electric heater.

  • Clean and healthy water

    The Orca Heat pump saves water in a stainless steel boiler and thus keeps it clean and healthy.

  • Outstanding efficiency

    Heat pumps are highly efficient as its average COP (Coefficient of Performance) is 3.6. This means you get 3.6 kW of energy for only 1 kW of electricity invested.
    To additionally increase efficiency the boiler is wrapped in a 5cm thick insulation.
    All Orca Heat Pumps are A rated appliances!


Summary of benefits:

  • Hot water all day all year; No immersions, electric showers, oil or gas required
  • 70% savings annually: Unit paid for in less than three years
  • 300 litre stainless steel pressurised tank with heat pump incorporated
  • Secondary coil for connection to solid fuel stove etc.
  • Virtually maintenance free

We have agents throughout Ireland who install  Orca systems in houses nationwide.

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