Reduce Your B&BS Water Heating Costs

Are you looking to reduce you water heating costs? Our Orca heat pump system can help you do so. This heating system is proven to reduce heating costs for B&Bs by up to 70%. 

Customer Testitmonial

We installed the 600 litre Orca air to water heat pump system in 2011 and we found that it is able to provide enough hot water for all of our customers. Last summer we had two sets of bookings of 20 people, and we had plenty of hot water for everyone to use. The Orca systems cut our oil bills and electric bills dramatically.

Chris Mandale

Owner of Château de L'Oseraie

Why is the Orca Heat Pump the a perfect choice?         Air to water heat pumps Ireland

  • Healthy & Clean Water

The Orca heat pump retains water in a stainless steel boiler therefore, keeping your water healthy and clean.


  • Energy Efficient

Orca  heat pumps are highly energy efficient as it`s Coefficient of Performance (COP) is 3.6. What this means is that you get 3.6kW of energy for only 1kW invested. And to additionly increase energy efficiency the boiler is wrapped in a 5cm thick insulation. All Orca Heat Pumps are A - Rated appliances. 


  • Huge savings along with a 12 year guarantee

Our Orca Heat Pumps are designed to give you a 3 year payback on your water heating costs with a continous supply of hot water 24/7. It comes with a 12 year guarantee and a 2 year parts warranty.



Installation of the Orca Heat Pump is quick and easy, no interventions are needed in the room in which it is located. With this system you can cool air and heat water at the same time.


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Summary of Benefits 

  • Constant supply of hot water all year round
  • No electric showers, immersions, gas or oil required
  • Annual savings of up to 70%
  • The system will be paid for in less than 3 years
  • Practically maintainance free
  • 50mm insulation, insuring low heat loss
  • 330 litre stainless steel tank with incorporated heat pump
  • Large display making it user friendly to change settings
  • Secondary coil to enable connection to soild fuel stoves etc


We have agents throughout Ireland who can install and supply Orca Heat Pump systems in B&BS nationwide.

How much does the system Cost?

For the most recent and up to date prices of the Orca Heat Pump system contact us  today on 086 8517 555 or you can request a callback.




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