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What is the Green Flag Programme?

The green school initiative, also known as Eco-Schools, is an educational programme introduced to promote concern and care for our environment. Co-founded by the Foundation for Environmental Education, the Green Schools programme is linked to over 50 countries around the global, involving over 40 thousand schools.


Green Flag Schools Ireland

Schools use significant amounts of energy on a daily basis from lighting, powering electrical appliances and heating hot water sources. Using renewable energy systems will increase the likelihood of your school being awarded the green flag.

How can a school get the Green Flag?

The Green schools programme in Ireland is based on seven steps as set out below.

7 Steps involved in contributing to the Green Schools Programme

1. Establish a Committee -  The Green-Schools committe are the representative of the whole school which can be composed of students, teachers, the principal, secretarys, caretakers, cleaners, parents, mebers of teh Board of Management, and all interested local members such as businesses and residents groups.

2. Environmental Review - Schools must review their carbon footprint in relation to the energy they consume from lighting, water heating to environmental impacts from the amount of material that is sent to landfill.

3. Action Plan - Schools must set out their targets for the goals they need to acheive to earn a green flag. For example a target could be to reduce energy consumption by 20% by using an energy efficient heating system.

4. Monitor and Evaluate - The action plan should be monitored and evaluated as the project continues. This will also help to understand if changes made by following the action plan is helping your school reach the targets that have been set out.

5. Curriculum Work - The work carried out for your action plan should be integrated into subjects such as science and other areas of the school curriculum.

6. Inform & Involve - The school should get involved and inform the wider community of the efforts undertaken to become more eco-friendly. Examples of how a school can inform others is through school notice boards and newsletters.

7. Set the ‘Green Code’ - The Green code is a statement of the objectives for your school to become and remain environmentally friendly.

More information can be found on teh green flag steps can be found here.

How Sweeney Renewables can help

Heat pumps for schools

We supply a range of renewable heating systems that can reduce the carbon footprint of your school and at the same time significantly reduce your heating costs. A heat pump can save your school up to 70% in heating costs but also provide year round hot water for sanitary and drinking purposes. 


What is an orca Heat Pump?

A heat pump offers 70% savings on heating bills. This SEAI approved product is created to allow three years payback on the cost of heating water in schools.


What are the Benefits?

  • Hot water supply all year round
  • Energy efficient savings of up to 70%
  • 12 year guarantee
  • Clean water supply


We install heat pumps nationwide

Contact us today on 086851755 for your FREE savings review for your school. We have agents and plumbers located throughout Ireland who can install a heating system in your school to help you on your way to earning a Green Flag.

Heat Pumps Ireland


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