System Flush

Increase the Heating Output of Your Radiators & Reduce Heating Bills

System flush is designed for chemically flushing all central heating systems. Older central heating systems lose a great deal of their efficiency due to sludge and build up of scale that lodges in boilers and especially radiators. Lifting off radiators and manually cleaning them with water does not break down scale that blocks water-ways within the radiator.

aluminium radiator

Descalers Will Flush Radiators

Descaler such as FernoxDS40 ensures all scale is broken down so it can be power flushed from the radiators. Symptoms usually are cold spots in the radiator towards the bottom and centre.

Radiators with cold spots means that water ways are blocked meaning the radiator will not give off its proper heat output. This in turn will mean that the boiler will have to run for longer to heat the designated area.

System flush

Lower Your Heating Bills!

System flush will guarantee results leading to restored radiator heating to its full potential and reduced fuel bills.

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