"We went with Sweeney Renewables and the Orca air to water heating system as our primary source of heat in our two storey house. We are very happy with this system as it provides us with constant heat and water without the need of oil or solid fuel. It is costing us €640 to run for the year and we found the after service was second to none.

I found Frankie to be very professional and knowledgeable in his work and I have no problem recommending him."

Gregory and Roisin,

Home Owners Donegal


Thanks for the installation of the Orca air to water heating system. We have found it to be excellent. It has taken hot air from our kitchens and also produces cool air into the restaurant. This has helped us reduce the amount of time we have our air conditioning on and hence has reduced our electricity bills. Our bills have fallen by around the 10% mark including The installation of the washer dryer. It has also meant we always have a plentiful supply of hot water which was always running out at busy times. 

Frank and his team installed everything in one day which meant no disruption to our operation including taking care of all the plumbing. If you have the space for the Orca system I would highly recommend it.

Aongus McGuinness
O'Briens Sandwich Café, Liosban, Galway.

I am a hairdresser in Elphin, Co. Roscommon and I recently relocated my business. I have an Orca Wave 300L Heat Pump cylinder installed in my new premises. In my old premises I was using an electric shower at all times for hot water and found that my electric bill was always high as a result. With my new system installed I have no more electric showers as I have a constant supply of hot water at all times and my electric bill is a lot less. I have a big saving on electricity as the Orca Heat Pump cylinder costs approximately fifty cent per day and it meets all my hot water demands. I have no immersion or electric showers anymore and no need for oil. My customers that come in all ask me “what’s my source of hot water,” as they don’t see the electric shower anymore and they can’t believe the amount of hot water that’s on tap all the time and also the low running costs of it. My customers and I are very happy with the system and would highly recommend it to anybody. I first heard about it from my plumber Padraig McNulty from Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim who also installed the system.


Bernadette Hamill

Hairdresser, Elphin, Co. Roscommon



"We decided to go with Sweeney Renewable and the Orca air to water heat pump. The system provides constant, comfortable heat and hot water. It is very convenient as the system runs itself automatically and is controlled with a central control pad to give constant heat and hot water. It is also economical and our total running cost bill for 1 year was €540. We would recommend Sweeney Renewables and the Orca heat pump."


Declan and Samantha


We fitted the Orca Wave 300 Air to hot water heat pump which gives us a constant supply of hot water. We are very happy with the system and would recommend it to anyone as we have hot water at all times with no oil, solid fuel or immersion which is a great saving. It was fitted by our plumber Padraig McNulty, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim. The running costs of it are very low also which makes us delighted with the whole system.


Jackie Cox

Home owner from Leitrim



The Orca Heat Pumps have been fantastic for our Chateau in France. We installed the 600 litre Orca air to water heat pump system in 2011 and we found that it is able to provide enough hot water for all of our customers. Last summer we had two sets of bookings of 20 people, and we had plenty of hot water for everyone to use. The Orca heating systems cut our oil bills and electric bills dramatically.


Chris Mandale

Owner of Château de L'Oseraie


Purchased an Orca air to water heat pump in 2013. Installation was very straightforward. In the past year have found the water heat pump to be extremely economical and maintenance free. Also found Frank to be very professional and helpful. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase.


Home owner from Roscommon



We started building our house in 2011 and moved into it in April 2012, we looked at a lot of renewable energy opinions, we found out about the Orca, was a bit doubtful at the start as we were putting in a solid fuel stove but when I talked to Frank and he explained the working and costings of the water heating system we make our mind up to go with it. One year after installation its costing us only 29 cents a day for 24hr hot water which mean we didnt have to install electric showers, anyone who visits cant believe the hot water and think its great value. When we were installing the Orca air source heat pumo Frank was always only a phone call away and had all the answers to any questions which we had. We have done and would high recommend this system to anyone building a new house/ looking for a new energy system

James Waugh
Home owner from Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal

We were looking to reduce the energy consumption in O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bar, Wexford to keep costs down. We found that the biggest cost was the heating of our water. After consulting with our plumber “Tommy” of Nolan Plumbing and Heating he explained to us that he was an agent for Sweeney Renewables who had a new highly efficient hot water heating system available. After he explained the advantages of the system we did not hesitate and got the 300ltr Orca cylinder installed. It is installed since 2012 and has slashed our hot water costs by 2/3′s. It is providing hot water for all of our washup sinks, three customer rest rooms, staff rest room and also supplementing our dishwasher. Another big advantage we found with the system is the cold air exhaust which we have cooling one of our food stores. We would highly recommend Tommy and the Orca hot water system and will be installing them in all our other outlets in the very near future.


Micheal Hayes
Proprietor Of O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar, Wexford,Waterford and Cork

I got the Orca air to water heat pump installed in 2010 and I can see the benefits. My main reason for it was to get rid of the electric shower which could be going 3 times a day, and the electric bills were huge. The second reason, I looked at solar but I wanted a system that gave me 24X7 hot water, 365 days a year and with solar you won’t get that.

Frank came down to me in Meath and installed the kit the same day. He is extremely helpful in all aspects of the kit form sales to install.

I have seen the savings this month with the ESB bill and it very noticeable. The system is cheap to run, and if you have a back boiler or stove, this can be an added benefit to top up the system.

Thanks again Frank for everything!!!!


Paul Byrne
Co. Meath.

Frankie installed an Orca air to water heating system at my home in Donegal 8 months ago.
The system was installed within one day without any fuss into a complicated existing multi-fuel house hot water and heating system.

This replaced and surpassed the original oil boiler water heating.
To date this system has provided constant 24hrs hot water at 50 degrees with total efficiency and economy.
The economy was easily shown by the units own power supply usage meter which in the current cold snap is providing hot water for approximately 2 units of electricity per day, which even with the latest ESB unit rise is only 36 cents a day with the unit working constantly and quietly for the full 24hrs.

Neighbours nearby who installed solar panel water heating at the same time as our Orca system have had to supplement their water heating every month since their installation with power consuming immersion heating.

Frankie provided a second to none service, dealing with any query. Unlike many professionals he answered his mobile when phoned and promptly.
He is not a high pressure salesman but an expert and enthusiast for this energy efficient system providing great customer care.

He has undertaken a complete bathroom refit and kitchen fitting for me, in addition to the energy saving installation and I can thoroughly recommend his services without any reservation whatsoever.


Dr John Carnie
Home owner fromWhistlebare, Saltpans, Rathmullan, Co Donegal.

We built our house in 2010 and after a lot of research and advice from Frankie we opted to install the Orca water heating system.
As a result we have a system that provides us with a constant supply of hot water all year round at very little cost. (No electric showers or emmersion in the house and Frankie installed a metre to prove how little this costs to run per day)

In addition it is connected to the multi fuel stove which provides the system with a boost if necessary.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone and can safely say it is one of the best buys in our house.


Home owner from Milford, Co. Donegal

We had one of these systems fitted last week by Sweeney Renewables. A great job done by a professional outfit.




I installed the Orca air to water heat pump cylinder in 2010 and I could not be happier with its performance to date. I was looking for an economical, environmentally friendly and maintenance free system to provide constant hot water. I researched many different products and was leaning towards a solar panel system. I contacted Frank Sweeney to discuss my options and he explained the Orca system to me. It was exactly what I was looking for, and even now exceeds my expectations.

The Orca heating system also offers the option to connect an external heat source and I have a multi fuel boiler stove connected to it..

The system gives me a constant supply of hot water all year round at 50 degrees for a cost of around 20-28 cents a day. It saves me money on electricity as I don’t need an electric shower, my heating oil is used solely for central heating and during the summer I don’t need to use my stove.

This system is so convenient and quiet that sometimes I actually forget its there. I would really recommend this system to anyone. Frankie Sweeney is the man to speak to, if you need guidance on renewable energy systems.

Thanks Frankie.

Denis McGeady
Home owner from Knockfola, Gweedore.

Two years ago I began building my house. My primary aim from the onset was to have a high energy efficient house. Given the economic structures at the time the price of oil was going through the roof and having serious reservations, I realised that I needed to look to other options other than having my house solely heated by oil.

I researched the area of heating thoroughly, in fact, building had stalled a couple of months as I was unsure as to what was the best option available to me. I looked at multiple options from solar, oil etc. I knew Frank Sweeney had a new system on the go so I decided to have a consultation with him regarding my options. He outlined the good aspects and bad aspects to each of the systems I mentioned.

Frank could have installed any of the aforementioned. However, the one that really caught my attention was the Orca air source heat pump. I carried out a little research as to this new system of heating to see if it was as good as Frank said. He showed me one in operation where he had a metre installed. I really couldn’t believe the set up. I decided to go with this new set-up and I can honestly say I do not regret it for a moment. So good is it, that I have recommended to two of my colleagues who are in the process of building their houses. They have visited my house and I think their minds are made up already. This system does exactly what it says on the tin!

Frank got the contract to install all my plumbing and heating facilities. I asked him to put a metre on my Orca heat pump and the results are amazing, hot water all year round at an amazing price. I have an extremely well insulated house and I do not have to worry about hot water anytime. I would definitely recommend talking to Frank regarding this system. You will not be disappointed!

Michael McGroarty
Home owner from Fanad, Co. Donegal

Thank you Frankie for installing and supplying the Orca water heating system in our home back in June 2008, it supplies us with constant hot water and has considerably reduced our electricity bill; by approximatley €150 every two months. As a result of the retro fit we no longer have electric showers in our house as they have been replaced by power showers which are much better. We also no longer have an immersion which we often forgot to turn off!

In addition we are saving oil because the system is fuelled by the air in the house but we have the option of using the oil as a boost if required. I would reccomend this system to anyone, and thank you again as having six in the family constant hot water is a important factor for keeping the house going. A very happy customer!

Sharon Friel
Home owner from Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

When building my house I wanted a system that was easy on the environment, economical to run and provided constant hot water to meet the demands of a young family. After a lot of research trawling through brochures and talking to others who had various systems installed (including solar) I chose the Orca Air to Water system. We have had the system since 2011 and would highly recommend it to anyone. This Product will spoil you.
Colin McAteer
Managing Director of the Green Graveyard Company and Green Coffins Ireland ltd.

I got my Orca air/water heat pump cylinder installed 6 months ago and it has been a great success. I get constant hot water daily at a low cost. The cylinder is easy to use, quiet and does not require any upkeep. Having it installed means I do not require electric showers therefore cutting out the added installation of a pressure pump and the added electric running costs this entails. It is easy to run with an intelligent timer system that requires no maintenance.

I weighed up the alternatives of other devices like solar panels, for example, to provide me with domestic hot water, but looking back now I am delighted I opted for the efficient Orca cylinder that provides me with hot water all year round. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering upgrading their old emmersion or for a new build.

Colin Talbot
Home owner from Fanad, Co. Donegal


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